Guarantee and Care


Myland Duvets are guaranteed for 5 years against any defect in manufacture or material, provided a cover has been used. Guarantee is void if labels are removed. Where needed, any faulty duvet will be repaired or replaced by one of equal or superior quality.

Care for your duvet

Prior to use: Duvets are vacuum packed. To activate the down and feathers, shake your duvet vigorously for a few moments. Further activation of the duvet will occur as the down and feather fill reacts to your body warmth. To ensure maximum comfort and protect your investment, it is essential that you use a duvet cover.


It is necessary to air your duvet periodically, to give it a fresh appearance and optimize its insulating properties. We suggest that it be aired outdoors, protected from the sun’s damaging rays. Small spots or stains may be removed by applying warm water and mild soap solution and drying with a hand operated hair dryer on a low heat setting.

Cleaning instructions - Washing

1. Wash the duvet in a commercial washing machine using warm water and mild soap (E.g. Ivory Snow). 

2. Place your duvet in a commercial-sized dryer on low heat, along with tennis balls to prevent the down and feathers from clumping. 

3. Important: Dry thoroughly. Moisture left in the duvet could start a mildew process that will destroy your duvet. 

4. If you prefer to line-dry your duvet, finish the drying process in the dryer with tennis balls, to eliminate clumping of the down.

White folded Marie l'Oie bedsheet which slips right onto your mattress.
A Marie l'Oie Imperial down pillow (the one you fall fast asleep on).
This Marie l'Oie feather down duvet helps you get a good night's sleep